Deguste quality

Deguste quality

    • Security and hygiene
    • Identity and composition
    • Wellfare and human health
    • Environmental care
  • For DEGUSTE, the obtaining of high quality products is one of the main objectives. We offer a total traceability from our row materials to the final product.
  • DEGUSTE carries out demanding quality controls for the obtaining of a good uniformity in aspect, size, color, aroma, flavor and texture.
  • Our Quality department is in constant direct contact with the clients in order to satisfy any doubt or needs in relation to product security, possible claims or information requests. Our aim is the TOTAL SATISFACTION of our clients.
  • In DEGUSTE, we carry out both exhaustive internal and external audits with the aim of guarantee our clients the excellent quality of our company and our products.
  • In DEGUSTE we are involved with the maintenance of Quality and Environment so we bet for the treatment of residues such as olive husk and the sewage treatment plant.




Our companies and products have got the following quality certifications:


ISO 9001 | ISO 14000 | ISO 22000 Kosher certificate FDA and Bioterrorism
Organic production certificate BRC IFS (International Featured Standards)
Eurepgap Natures choice Integrated production certificate
Protected Designation of Origin (P.D.O.) P.D.O. Gata-Hurdes P.D.O. Aceite Monterrubio


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