Deguste continuously strives in order to enlarge and diversify its range of products, always maintaining the highest quality that distinguishes us.

Our already big range has been enriched with new products such as wine,rice, smoked paprika, honey and pollen, and new formats of existing products such as olive oil and table olives.

See our "Products" page to keep you updated on Deguste range.


On August 1, 2012, Taste opens new online store of extra virgin olive oil with lycopene.



Introducing the new long parboiled rice Deguste.

Rice is THAIBONET and GLADIO varieties.

Steaming is obtained after subjecting the paddy rice to soak for 60 ° C and then a strong vapor pressure, thus eliminating much of the starch, vitamins and minerals while retaining the traditional rice lost during polishing.

In culinary use parboiled rice also has advantages, one of which is already known, is not passed, non-sticky and the grains are loose, resulting rice always at its most appealing. Furthermore, this kind of rice does not absorb so much fat as the normal rice as their treatment causes a decreasing external starch gelatinization penetration of seasonings acids.

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